2010年 Archive

Effectiveness of Engagement Marketing for Increasing Online Sales Conversion: Branded Content ROI for a Luxury Brand [July 16, 2010]

Keywords: branded content, customer engagement, marketing ROI, performance metrics, social marketing

Advertising budgets shifting from traditional media to the web has helped increase the focus on marketing return on investment (ROI). The case study of an international luxury brand promotion program looks at the mix of content, community and product and the effectiveness of customer engagement. Head-to-head tests of 'branded content' vs. traditional brand advertising showed the overall sales conversion rate for the branded content approach as 8 times greater.

Innovation Memo: Pharmaceutical Marketing Performance Strategy [March 16, 2010]

Keywords: customer relationship marketing (CRM), digital marketing, multi-channel marketing, performance metrics, strategic agenda

Pharmaceutical companies are experiencing diminishing sales force effectiveness; and multi-channel marketing with a greater emphasis on digital communications can offer both cost efficiencies and greater customer relevance. However, the focus of multi-channel marketing is customer segmentation and engagement, which requires different performance metrics for successful execution.

Winning Promotion Program Driven by Customer Engagement: "Bed & Breakfast for Disneyland" - Hilton Tokyo Bay [February 19, 2010]

Keywords: branding, creative solutions, customer experience, customer insights, digital marketing, e-commerce

A resort hotel's request for an e-Commerce promotion web site evolved into a dynamic marketing program. The paramount objective was to reverse a downward trend in direct online bookings (room reservations). Customer insights pointed the way to distinctive brand positioning and promotions that broke through the competitive marketing clutter and delivered a 300% increase in online reservations.

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