Marketing Strategy

Starting point of strategic marketing

Developing a marketing strategy is the starting point of strategic marketing. We help our clients in developing this strategy by clarifying long-term strategic intent and goal, from customer-centric point of view, and putting together a long-term roadmap.

Customer-centric Strategy Planning:

  • Articulate the company/marketing vision and strategic intent
  • Segment customers and prioritize the targets
  • Competitively position products, services, solutions
  • Develop business plans and integrated marketing programs

Portfolio Management:

  • Prioritize programs and initiatives
  • Align and manage resources strategically

Long-term Roadmap Development:

  • Develop a long-term roadmap and milestone review process to realize strategic intent
  • Create short-term wins to generate momentum and a virtuous cycle

Major Services:

  • Integrated marketing & sales programs
  • Branding & brand experience marketing
  • Creative concept development
  • Digital strategies, including e-Commerce
  • Online advertising, social media and promotions
  • Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)

Solutions by Global-Prime:

  • Introducing strategy maps to communicate the mid-term business strategy and align critical initiatives for a B2B company
  • Creating a new online/offline business model and marketing concept for a retail company
  • Designing a brand-building marketing concept and social marketing strategy for a luxury brand
  • Developing an online promotion and ecommerce sales approach for a unique health and beauty aid product introduction
  • Providing a media mix trade-off framework for a luxury brand's annual promotion plan
  • Specify a Customer Intimacy strategy approach for a B2B global web renewal
  • Supporting corporate brand re-branding for a B2B company

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